Saturday, January 13, 2007

Bangladesh politics in the eyes of a villager

I was watching "Hridoye Maati O Manush" this morning on Channel I - a show on agriculture and on lives revolvoing around agriculture in rural areas of Bangladesh. This particular episode was shot in Narsingdi, a provinicial town near Dhaka. The presenter was chatting with farmers in a village tea-stall and inquiring about the price they got for selling their of products to the middlemen. During the conversation, obviously not happy with the conditions of the villagers, he asked one man what it would take the improve the lives of the villagers. "Not until the character of those 300 men in the parliament changes for better, the fate of this country will not change", the man answered promptly. Obviously he was referring to the current political turmoil in Bangladesh - the declaration of emergency in response to political deadlocks and amidst rampant corruption in every sphere of life. An accurate observation - and that too from an illiterate villager!

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