Saturday, October 06, 2007

Bangladesh newspaper cartoon sparks protest by islamists

A 24 year old cartoonist from Bangladesh news daily - Prothom Alo, was arrested a few days earlier when his cartoon sparked protest rallies by islamists across the country who alleges the cartoon was published to dishonor prophet Muhammad.
Bangladesh authorities swiftly arrested the cartoonist and put him in jail.
Meanwhile many Bangladeshi bloggers are protesting the arrest of Arifur Rahman.
Here is the cartoon with english translation:


Name by Arifur Rahman

(First picture)
Mullah: Hey boy, what is your name?
Boy: My name is Babu

(Second picture)
Mullah: Before you say your name you need to say Muhammad

(Third picture)
Mullah: What is your father's name?
Boy: Muhammad Abu

(Fourth picture)
Mullah: So what are you holding there?
Boy: Muhammad Cat

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